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True Colours Leadership


We work with C-suite executives, senior leaders, and individuals facing transformative challenges. Our passion lies in supporting women, people of color, and minority groups.


Our coaching is 95% online, making it accessible wherever you are. For team coaching, we'll meet you in person.


Explore our various coaching offerings, from executive coaching to team coaching and more. Your journey starts here.

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Unearth the benefits of our coaching – increased confidence, personal agency, and so much more. Discover your unique leadership style.


Understanding the purpose and benefits of our coaching will leave you inspired to take action


Ready to start your transformation? Book your session now.


'Super Powers'

Evoke Your

Coach Super-Vision is a vital practice for Coaches and serving professionals. It offers a reflective space to elevate your intrinsic self. This process ensures your professional conduct remains aligned, while you're affirmed and supported. It profoundly impacts all stakeholders you interact with, making it a potent tool for growth.

Supervision of organizational coaches, internal or external, also provides valuable organizational development insights. It affects employee satisfaction, engagement, development plans, appraisals, and culture.

Strengthening Leadership through Collaboration

Recognizing the benefits of strength-based, collaborative leadership, I offer a range of training and facilitation services, customized to your requirements.

Growing Global Leadership

An 8-module online program, with or without coaching, designed to empower your leadership journey.

Ready, set, GROW!
Ready, set, GROW!
Strategic Workshops

Engage in Vision, Mission, Values, or co-created team-building sessions.

Trainings for Cohesion and Change

Utilize bespoke modalities like Enneagram IEQ-9, Five Lens People Development, both for Teams and individuals, Transactional Analysis, Appreciative Inquiry, or Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ®) to build bridges toward cohesion and change.

Ready, set, GROW!

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