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Our Clients Say

Shaun Mellors

Associate Director – Africa
International HIV & AIDS Alliance
United Kingdom

“Denise customises her coaching model according to the client’s needs, within a broad framework of co-active coaching, interspersed with Transactional Analysis and Appreciative Inquiry. Her tools are flexible and cover elements such as pre and post surveys, profiling, values and 360 Degree Rapid Appraisals. Denise ably manages the client relationship from the end-user / coachee’s side, as well as the organisation, providing succinct reporting as required.”

Bharam Namanya

Executive Director
Community Health Alliance

“Coaching changed my approach to work – how to get information from staff to inform critical decisions. I held more consultations, especially with the Senior Management Team. People are very responsive to this and appreciate the inclusion and mentorship.”

Patriciah Aktech

Internal Auditor
Community Health Alliance

“Coaching helped to motivate me to look at my mandate and exercise my authority. When rooted in policy basis, this empowers. Coaching changed my approach by encouraging me to try new ways of being. People want recognition and once you give them that, everything becomes more positive. I am now able to mitigate risk, taking people with in this changed approach. It is now a daily negotiation to change the way we operationalise the strategy. The session on Feedback was powerful – getting others to own solutions made a big impact. When they develop the solution, they own it.”

Susan Nalubya

Human Resources Manager
Community Health Alliance

“Since Coaching, my approach to work has changed. It has made me bold, I no longer sit on ideas, but share them, realising that regardless of whether accepted or not, I have a valuable contribution to offer. I participate more actively in meetings – Last weekend I was asked to speak unexpectedly at a function. I did so with ease, and people were impressed and took out pen and paper to make notes. I felt great.”

Peter Kamau

Deputy Director KANCO

“We have a dynamic team of highly qualified staff; we strive to have the right people in place. My role is to ensure the team work together. From Coaching I am able to communicate clearly, see the bigger picture and coordinate a cohesive team towards innovation. I am positive, assertive, providing clear feedback and I am lucky to have gone through this process.”

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