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Welcome to Denise Hunt Global
Where Maverick Coaching
Transformative Executive Leadership!


In today's dynamic world, leadership is more challenging than ever. You face issues like, Managing Upwards, Leading Diverse Teams and Navigating Through Change.

It's tough,


We're here to help you rise above those challenges. Denise Hunt Global specializes in Executive Leadership Development and Coaching. With extensive Coaching and C-Suite experience, we know what it takes to unlock your potential.


Our international accreditations and success stories in 100+ countries speak volumes. We've worked with corporate giants, small businesses, and individuals alike,

leaving a trail of empowered leaders.
Strengthening Executive Leadership through Collaboration

Growing Global Leadership

Strategic Workshops

Trainings for Cohesion and Change

Ready to transform your executive leadership journey?

Evoke Your 'Super Powers'

“Denise customises her coaching model according to the client’s needs, within a broad framework of co-active coaching, interspersed with Transactional Analysis and Appreciative Inquiry. Her tools are flexible and cover elements such as pre and post surveys, profiling, values and 360 Degree Rapid Appraisals. Denise ably manages the client relationship from the end-user / coachee’s side, as well as the organisation, providing succinct reporting as required.”

Shaun Mellors
Associate Director – Africa, International HIV & AIDS Alliance
United Kingdom

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